Quilt Developer Wiki

This site houses heavily work-in-progress documentation for developing with projects in the Quilt ecosystem. Check the sidebar to see what articles are currently available!

Keep in mind that when modding with Quilt, this isn’t the only source of documentation you can use. Here are a few other places to look if you’re not seeing what you need:

  • The Fabric wiki, a huge collection of tutorials for modding with vanilla features, Fabric API and Fabric Loader. On Quilt, you’ll always have access to Fabric API and Fabric Loader, so all of these tutorials can be used without issue.

  • Fabric’s documentation site, a work-in-progress modernisation of their wiki. This site has less information than the old wiki, but the tutorials are likely more up-to-date.

  • The Quilt Loader wiki, where you can find some information on Quilt Loader’s configuration and features.

  • The Mixin Wiki and the Mixin Extras Wiki, which provide information on modifying compiled code (in this case, Minecraft’s code!) via Mixin.

  • The Minecraft Wiki, which provides comprehensive overviews of vanilla datapacking features that are often useful in modding.